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I am a neuroscientist specialized in cellular and molecular neurobiology of neurodegenerative diseases. I am passionate about neuroscience, obsessive microscopist and out-of-the- box thinker. I am looking for a new home to perform groundbreaking research in an environment that fosters ingenuity and creativity.

Available for:

Senior Scientist

Principal Scientist

Lead Scientist

Lab Head

Group Leader



(+41) 78 922 89 25

LinkedIn: Pierre De Rossi


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Experienced biomedical researcher in Switzerland.
• 10+ years experience in mechanistic Neurobiology, Cellular and Molecular Biology research and research-team coordination, project management, establishing collaborations, supervision and mentoring.
• Extensive knowledge in Neuroscience, synaptic physiology and pathologies and neurodegenerative diseases and passionate about improving the lives of patients
• Expert in animal models for brain diseases, development of new models, behavioral testing and analysis, animal colony management, experienced with Drosophila and C.Elegans.
• Expert in advanced imaging and microscopy techniques (high-resolution live-cell imaging, confocal microscopy, electron microscopy, CLEM, STED, SIM, STORM), processing and analyses, with experience in developing custom pipeline of analysis.
• Expert in cellular and tissue processing for imaging, biochemistry and OMICs
• Excellent track records of achievements in the field of neurodegeneration documented by the publication of research articles and reviews in high impact journals and acquiring multiple rounds of competitive international funding.
• Effective communicator and experienced science writer.
• Excellent leadership and team player

Instagram: dr_pderossi

Twitter: @Pderossi_PhD

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